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Overview & Introduction

Welcome to StoryCo

Welcome to StoryCo: Inspiring every creator and fan in the world through innovation and connection.

StoryCo, a groundbreaking open storytelling platform that strengthens the bond between creators and fans by empowering storytellers to effortlessly craft and publish multimedia narratives, captivate and cultivate a dedicated fan base, and expand their stories into thriving universes by harnessing the collective creativity and ingenuity of their community.

The StoryCo platform gives studios and creators magical abilities to produce, distribute, monetize, and rapidly expand multimedia franchises in collaboration with their fans, revolutionizing the creator-fan relationship.

In collaboration with our vibrant community, StoryCo produces innovative, interactive story-based experiences leveraging our platform. These captivating experiences breathe new life into visual novels by blending various media forms to conjure immersive narrative universes.

At StoryCo, our mission is to create an inclusive and accessible platform for a diverse spectrum of creators. While our initial endeavors involve partnering with talented writers, artists, and musicians to bring our premier production, The Disco Ball, to life, we will progressively open our platform to fresh voices in a carefully curated and controlled manner, ensuring consistent quality and the development of optimal tools for our growing ecosystem.

We at StoryCo believe that everyone has a story to share. Whether it unfolds in a wholly original realm or builds upon the established worlds and characters of others, stories possess the power to unite us. They offer insights into ourselves, each other, and the world we inhabit. Our hope is that by experiencing, creating, and collaborating on the StoryCo platform, users will forge meaningful connections, nurture communities, and unleash their creativity.

Thank you for embarking on this exhilarating journey of storytelling and connection with us. We eagerly anticipate your invaluable insights and contributions.

The Problem

In the traditional media landscape, creators and fans face numerous challenges that limit their ability to contribute and engage meaningfully with content. Creators often struggle with access to resources and influence, find it difficult to break into the industry, and lack alternative distribution mechanisms. They also have limited means of directly connecting and monetizing their fan base, and the creation and production process can be long, expensive, arbitrary, and frustrating.

For fans, there is a desire for better and more immersive experiences around the content, the ability to influence the direction of the content, support creators directly, and participate more deeply in the creative expansion of their favorite stories.

The Solution

StoryCo is pioneering an alternative path by building a groundbreaking platform and technology that empowers communities to engage more deeply with the stories they love. This platform focuses on inclusivity and accessibility, catering to a diverse range of creators and fans, fostering collaboration and innovation.

By providing creators and fans with opportunities to collaborate and jointly participate in new story franchises, StoryCo levels the playing field and enables a broader range of voices to be heard and stories to be told. This creates a more sustainable model for content creation that drives real value back to the fans and creators. It also promotes richer, more immersive experiences around the content, allowing fans to have input into the direction of the content, support creators directly, and participate more deeply in the creative expansion and IP ownership of their favorite stories.

About StoryCo

Core Team

Our team at StoryCo consists of experts with prior success in technology and media. We have a strong understanding of how to build and maintain a scalable technology platform, and experience creating and distributing content that resonates with audiences. We all have a passion for storytelling and creating memorable experiences.

J.P. Alanís


J.P. Alanís, co-founder of StoryCo, is an experienced development executive. He previously co-created and led GOLF MEDIA, the direct-to-consumer media platform and production company founded by Tyler, The Creator. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing content development, events, product and technology, as well as the sales of incubated projects to linear television. This included the sale of The Jellies to Adult Swim and Nuts & Bolts to Viceland, making them some of the first series ever to originate from a direct-to-consumer digital product and be sold to linear television.

Justin Alanís is a co-founder of StoryCo and an experienced entrepreneur with a background in both technology and private equity. He currently serves as a core community member at several decentralized organizations that support, invest in, and foster the growth of emerging web3 technology companies. Justin has also founded and served as CEO of a data analytics technology company that was acquired in 2018. In addition to his involvement in technology startups, Justin is an active investor in the startup ecosystem.

Justin Alanís


Justin Middleton


As head of experiences for StoryCo, Justin Middleton brings his experience in the media and technology industries. Prior to joining the StoryCo team, Justin led product and technology for the direct-to-consumer app of Kim Kardashian, which reached number one on the US app store and topped app charts worldwide. He was also responsible for the development of KIMOJI, the celebrity emoji app that became the top-selling app in 120 countries and one of the best-selling apps worldwide. In addition to his work with Kim Kardashian, Justin has overseen creative strategy and digital experience development for a range of high-profile clients, including Howard Stern and SiriusXM, Ellen Degeneres, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the NFLPA.

As head of technology and product for StoryCo, Cliff Spence brings a wealth of experience in the fields of technology and digital media. He has led both creative and engineering teams, and has a proven track record of developing award-winning digital offerings. Cliff has also overseen several of the Apple App Store's top-ranked apps, and has extensive experience in developing AR/VR experiences, interactive video products, and experimental studio technology. In addition to his technical expertise, Cliff has a background in managing creative agencies and has helped build e-commerce and marketing solutions for a range of well-known brands, including Stanley Thermos, Gwen Stefani, Shopify, and the National Archives.

Cliff Spence


Ben Kim


Ben Kim is the technical lead for StoryCo, bringing experience in developing and implementing smart contracts on the blockchain. With a background in social welfare, product-focused tech startups, and AI research at Berkeley, Ben has a unique perspective on the intersection of end-user impact and code. As a former founder, Ben has a strong focus on shipping code and has helped a range of organizations, including corporate stakeholders, music discovery platforms, defi protocols, and a decentralized exchange, go to market in the web3 space. Ben is deeply passionate about web3 and the decentralization of capital, technological tools, and social access, and is actively involved in the developer DAO and as an angel investor in web3 projects. He is committed to building a more decentralized world that promotes prosperity, equity, and transparency.