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Our first story universe, The Disco Ball, is an existential sci-fi journey across dimensions. It is scheduled for release in early 2023.


We’re seeking a diorama artist to make some magic for our first production The Disco Ball. This experience will feature a number of ARG (alternate reality game) components where various clues lead to the discovery of physical installations.

We don’t want to publicly divulge too much about the contents of the diorama, but know that our story follows a team of astronauts through an inter-dimensional adventure. The ideal diorama artist will be able to create an awesome sci-fi scene for this project.

Other Details:


The diorama will be installed in a to-be-revealed location somewhere in the U.S. Our team is spread across the Bay Area, LA, and New Mexico and it might be easiest to work with people who also live in those areas, but we’re very open to having work shipped from other locations as well.